Romans 12:2 Visual Theology


Finished product is comprised of two layers of 1/2″ compressed maple, inset with 1/8″ clear plexi glass; all layers with direct print to the material.

Verse: “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect” (Romans 12:2, NASB).

All artwork, concepts, and finished productions are property of Grayson Gilbert. If you are interested in this piece, or any other artwork that I have produced/designed, please feel free to contact me for a quote. You can see all of my designs by clicking on the “Art For Christ” tab above, or visit my Etsy shop for some pieces that I have made available for production.


Too Rightly do the Righteous Trow

A poem in the perspective of the damned

Too rightly do the righteous trow,
bequeathing wisdom, splendor, lo!
And gentle winds shan’t cease to blow,
to usher winter’s wind in tow.

Too rightly do the righteous trow,
rescinding sunlight’s happy flow.
They testify of mankind’s throe;
pronouncing judgment, quid pro quo.

Too rightly do the righteous trow;
their light begets a somber show
and hastens forth – a laden bow,
forgotten truths now to bestow.

Too rightly do the righteous trow,
revealing but another woe!
Our cold, embittered hearts might stow,
if burning weren’t so apropos!

Too rightly do the righteous trow,
unveiling, stop! Now quickly, go!
One mustn’t spoil nor forego
enticement from so long ago.

So brightly do the righteous glow,
too bright for those who undergo;
they quell rebellion even though
relinquished sins once laid Him low.

Shall kingdoms cross without a foe?
Shall paradox dissuade Rousseau,
though false, contrived, pretentious, no?
Do not dissuade them, those below.

You can’t! You shan’t! You won’t! Although,
Perhaps we may persuade them so…
If faintly did our light thus glow,
one might contrive; devise to “know”.

As darkness binds all, to and fro,
devising, scheming, even so –
perchance desire will not slow.
perhaps in wrath, they’ll overflow.

Too rightly did the righteous trow!
Too fiercely do the wicked trow!
For we who love the darkness go;
unto our beds of death, we go.

So now we know; too well we know:
there is no rest for the wicked soul.
There is no rest for the wicked soul.

Summative Chart-Timeline of the Old Testament

Here is a neat little project I got to work on for one of my seminary classes to finish out the 7 week course. It is a summative chart of the OT, encapsulating the major points of the story. Within this, we can follow the “promised seed” of Abraham through the birth of Christ, the chronological dates (using conservative scholarship) coinciding with the biblical witness, follow the timeline of the prophets in the divided kingdom, and so forth.

I sought to find pictures to go with this that would also go with the general function of the chart and others to allude to some narratives within the OT that we are familiar with.

If there is any constructive feedback that you would like to give, please feel free! Click the picture below to see at a larger scale (available to zoom full size).