Unequally Yoked and Presumptuously Loving It

On the surface, to the everyday reader, this article doesn’t come across as shocking or disappointing. I feel that culturally, it would land on the flip side of this. People of the world would herald this couple as a beacon of hope. Certainly, the ordained Baptist woman would not be as narrow-minded as many of her contemporaries in the faith. Surely, something is going right in the hearts and minds of some Christians if we can see a Baptist woman and Hindu man become married, setting aside their doctrinal and faith related differences for the sake of true love.

Beyond her blatant twisting of scripture in dealing with 2 Cor. 6:14 and John 14:6 and her abhorrent view on baptism, there is another massive problem with how she is responding. She cautions other young women who have sought her at book signings to be careful with the exegesis, keeping in mind the cultural and historical context of the scriptures, as well as the early formation of the church’s theology.

Her basic conjecture stems from a complete lack of understanding in what the texts actually say. Somehow, there is a hidden meaning behind scripture dictating that we ought not be unequally yoked, as well as claiming Christ is the only way to have access to the Father. Yeah…

She then goes on to say, “The essential discernment is: does the faith path deepen the individual’s experience and relationship with God and their fellow humans? For me, that is the ultimate truth of religion.”

Never mind that you rail inconsistencies in everything that comes out of your mouth about the character of God, so long as you have a closer relationship with god and your fellow man. Never mind that you are encouraging young women to ignore the most basic context in the passage, the immediate context, so long as they form a proper view of how current and culturally relative the text is. Never mind that the institute of marriage between a Christian man and woman is to represent the relationship Christ has with the church, so long as you prove yourself to be religiously sensitive.

The damnable thing in respect to the article and this young couple is that Christ is not made much of, but diminished. His Word is cast aside; for not even the writer of the article says anything about the blatant disregard of the scriptures she quotes that stand alone, antithetically to her worldview.

Picture everything housed in a garbage dump. Here you see the Word of God being tossed aside next to the decomposing diaper. In one seemingly simple move, it is likened to that which decays. Yet the Word of God shall still stand long after everything else in that dump breaks down, because His Word is eternal. Simply because this young woman, along with her contemporaries, toss it aside and let the book rot does not evidence that the Word will rot as well; simply because ears are itching and false teachers will arise does not mean that ultimate victory will belong to the spoilers of His Word.

There is an incredible amount of poor theology housed under the guise of culturally sensitive teaching. In the end, it’s damnable. It purveys a source of salvation outside of Christ, minimizes and even mocks the written Word, and teaches others to do so. Be ravenous in what you read, but just be wise in the material you choose. The tongue has power both to end life and give new life.  


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